Albus was established in December 2020 at Castel, and specialises in underwriting risk in the Renewable Energy sector

The team strive to be a leaders in the industry and trusted partners for their client’s renewable energy assets. Albus do not rely on external advisors and empower the team to make decisions. This streamlined approach means that you are always talking to the decision makers.

Range of coverage:

  • Marine Cargo and Delay in Start Up
  • Construction All Risks and Advance Loss of Profits
  • Operating All Risks and Business Interruption
  • General Liability
  • Sabotage, Terrorism and Theft
  • Natural Catastrophe Coverage

Primary Clients, Sectors and Regions:

Albus underwrite risk worldwide with primary focus on asset and revenue protection for wind and solar energy with a book of marine, construction and operating risks, business interruption, general liability, terrorism and natural catastrophe coverages.

Capacity providers: All capacity providers are at least A rated

Visit the Albus website here to find out more.