Castel Underwriting Europe B.V.

About Castel Underwriting Europe B.V.

Castel Underwriting Europe B.V. is registered in the Netherlands under registration number KVK 73042242.

Our Registered address and head office is at Wilhelminakade 149a, De Rotterdam, East Tower, 29th Floor, 3072 AP Rotterdam.

We are Authorised and regulated by the Autoriteit Financiële Markten, (AFM), under licence number 12046122.

Castel Underwriting Europe B.V. is a subsidiary of Castel Underwriting Agencies Limited.


Castel takes great care to ensure that we provide quality services and do our utmost to provide you with the best possible experience. However, if you feel that we have not met your expectations we would like to hear from you, so that together we can come to a solution for your dissatisfaction.

In the event that you want to make a complaint, you can contact us in person, by letter or by e-mail at:

The Complaints Manager

Castel Underwriting Europe B.V.

Wilhelminakade 149a

De Rotterdam, East Tower, 29th Floor,

3072 AP Rotterdam


If you remain dissatisfied once you have received our final response you may refer your complaint to the Complaints Institute for Financial Services (KiFiD). You can take your complaint to the KiFiD if you are a consumer or a small business and your complaint has not been resolved in the way that you had hoped. Their contact details are:

Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening (KiFiD)

Postbus 93257

2509 AG Den Haag

Telephone: 070 – 333 8 999


Remuneration Policy

For the main part, our employees are remunerated on the basis of a fixed salary in line with market conditions. Depending on the performance of the employee, there is the possibility that they receive a partial, limited and maximized variable remuneration. Any variable remuneration will not exceed the levels stipulated by regulation.

We direct our employees to act ethically, with due care and to be customer-oriented, focusing on the interests of our clients and our company in the long term. The assessment of these conduct requirements determines both the amount of the fixed and of the variable remuneration of our employees.