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Accident & Health

Castel Accident and Health
Accident and Health is a division of Castel. We pride ourselves in our superior level of service and expertise.

Range of Coverage
We can cover a broad range of risks globally. Some more standard risks include Business Travel and Employer Funded Group Personal Accident Insurance.

With over 30 years’ experience in underwriting complex risk we are also able to cover areas such as:

  • Aviation Personal Accident
  • Challenging Occupations
  • Developing World
  • Federation Schemes for sports’ governing bodies
  • Professional Sports

We are able to write business on an insurance basis in the UK and EEA as well as Surplus Lines accounts in the US. Reinsurance is offered on a facultative basis worldwide.

Capacity Providers
Our Capacity providers are all at least A rated.

Maximum Line Sizes
Any One Life: USD 2,500,000
Any One Event: USD 12,500,000

Claims Handling
Our underwriting services are supported by experienced and dedicated claims personnel, who are able to review claims resulting in a swifter outcome for the client.

What sets us apart
Our extensive experience of underwriting ‘non-standard’ Accident and Health risks means we are able to provide a solution in most instances. On those rare occasions when we cannot offer an immediate Castel solution, for your Accident and Health enquiries, we may still be able to provide guidance and help.